Beef Box (2.5kg)


: €52.50

Draag bij aan gebruik van de hele koe met dit rijk gevulde Lakenvelder vleespakket.

Zie de beschrijving voor de inhoud van de box.

Artikelnummer: 51001-2
Categorie: Stadsgroenteboer


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On the picture you only see a selection of what’s in the box.

The box of 2.5kg contains: 750gr steak, 500gr stew meat, 500gr beef mince, 2 burgers, 2 sausages, shank or broth bone.

Your cow share fits in half a freezer drawer, is vacuum sealed and cut in portions of around 250gr.

Our 100% grass fed cow shares are about embracing a nose to tail way of eating that sees zero waste and the entire animal celebrated. It’s a more sustainable way of eating and a sustainable way to shop.

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