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Hi there! We are Arjan and Martine from Landgoed De Houberg. Welcome to our website. To give you an idea of who we are, just click on the picture  to see a short video of our farm. Feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions. You can find our contact details on the contact page.

We try to farm with nature by using regenerative grazing principles, planting trees and biodiverse pastures. Calves grow up with their mothers in a family herd. We do our best to create an environment in which insects, plants and animals thrive. Healthy soils= healthy plants= healthy animals= healthy you!

Together with De Stadsgroenteboer we made a special introductory offer for you. By entering the word ‘stadsgroenteboer’ in the ‘waardebon code’ field at the payment page, you will get 10% discount on one of the meat boxes below.

You can add extra items from our online store to your order.

Important: Please choose a delivery date beyond the 5th of december. The cow is already slaughtered, but we prefer to ‘wet age’ the meat a few weeks before we freeze it. Thank you!